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Mole Scans and Skin Checks Sunshine Coast

Mole scan and removal and skin cancer treatment in the Sunshine Coast provides detection of malignant melanoma and other types of skin cancers. Be alert, skin cancer can be successfully treated if detected in time. Early skin cancer diagnosis of melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma greatly increases your chances of successful treatment before metastasis occurs.  Don't delay. Call today.

We use up to the minute training and the latest dermascope technology to diagnose cancer symptoms on your skin for moles and early warning signs of skin cancer. Simple surgical procedures are performed in our modern on-site treatment room. 
Services offered include:seniors skin cancer check Buderim
  • Skin mole checks and skin cancer diagnosis
  • Mole removal and skin cancer surgery
  • Cancer information and treatment
  • Blemish removal
  • Acne and pimple treatment
  • Skin rash treatment
  • Curettage (scrape treatment for skin cancer)
  • Liquid nitrogen freeze treatment
A skin mole check that may well save your life means you have every reason to book an appointment today! It's easy. You can book online or if those times don't suit you can call to book an alternate time.